Why? Part 2 ~ Transition Phase

Ten reasons why I want to keep the weight off…

1.  I feel so great and actually like what I see in the mirror.  It looks more like the me I picture.  It moves more like the me I feel like.

2.  I am no longer at an unhealthy weight.  Both BMI and Percent Body Fat are in normal ranges now and I want them to stay that way for life.

3.  I go jogging now!  I love it!  I’ve always wanted to be that girl who says, “I’m going for a run,” or “Yeah, I went for a run this morning,” and now I am!

4.  My husband likes what he sees…  He loves to take pictures, but I used to hate having my picture taken!  It was just a reminder of how out of shape I was.  But the other day, I let him take a bunch of me just before a party we were attending.  When I looked through them later, I barely recognized myself, but I really liked what I was seeing!

5.  I’m proud of the way I’ll look in my friend’s wedding next summer.  I will be a healthy, fit bridesmaid.

6.  I am still learning how to have a healthy relationship with food, but it is much better than it was!  I know I’m on the right path now and can celebrate the victories I experience every day in the area of disciplined eating.

7.  I am tending well to the temple of the Holy Spirit.  I feel energetic and ready for whatever God may call me to (like go on a mission trip to Turkey in March!).

8.  I am dealing with issues in a healthy way.  Now, when I just want to eat / medicate with food, I actually think about what I want and why.  I think about how food will not solve the problem I am facing.  There are still times when I just want what I want but I very rarely give into that spoiled-child mentality.

9.  I went shopping for clothes for the first time since I’d lost 30 pounds and 63 inches.  It was actually FUN!  I liked the clothes I found and loved trying on smaller and smaller sizes!  It was so much fun and I felt sooo good about all my hard work! I didn’t have to look for clothes that hide my body – I could just look for clothes that were cute!

10.  This is a way of life for me for the rest of my life.  I feel great and love the changes I’ve seen and worked so hard for.  This is who I am – I fit in my skin now!


One thought on “Why? Part 2 ~ Transition Phase

  1. I love the new you – not so much the physical one (tho I admit you LOOK fantastic and I am totally envious of your new image!) but you have a new prospective on life and love and love of the Holy Spirit and I LOVE how you love HIM.
    and I love you

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