Paleo Power!

Yep, we’re still at it.  We went through 30 days of “strict” Paleo and not only did we survive, but we feel awesome!  Here are some way-cool benefits that we’ve experienced:

1.  Sugar-brain is gone.  I’m  not sure if this is the way sugar effects everyone, but for Cosmo and me, it is like a sneaky, mind-numbing drug.  Several years ago, we tried Somersizing (the Suzanne Somers diet).  The main benefit we saw came from not eating sugar.  It was like a fog was lifted.  We both felt sharp, I mean really brilliant, and were able to keep multiple thoughts and tasks going at once.  We also noticed an increase in willpower – for lack of a better word.  Here’s what I mean: It would be evening after a really long day and there was laundry in the dryer.  Normally, I would just say, “Meh.  I’ll just turn it on again in the morning to ‘iron’ it and then take it out.”  But without sugar-brain, it goes like this, “Let’s get the laundry out now and fold it all or hang it all up and put it all away!  And let’s do another load while we’re at it!  Oh, look, I can vacuum right now, too!  I think I’ll clean the toilet right quick!”  You get the idea, right?

It may seem odd to attribute this to lack of sugar, but we have tested our theory and this is the explanation that fits our scenario.  And I’m not the only one who things sugar is to blame for a LOT of ailments – just Google “Sugar is the Devil” and see what you get!  😉   And even with no sugar, I get to eat this homemade version of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups:

2.  I no longer have the uncontrollable need to eat bones.  (For the un-initiated, that’s a reference from the greatest sci-fi show, ever – Farscape.  In Season 1, Episode 21: “Bone to be Wild,”  there is a seemingly helpless alien who turns into a bone-eating monster when she is hungry.  She can’t help it.  She just needs to eat and she just happens to eat bones.  The urban dictionary calls it “Hangry, but in my house, it is affectionately referred to as needing to eat bones…I do the accent and everything.)  Anyway, on Paleo, my blood-sugar has stabilized and I no longer experience these swings from high to low.  In fact, just today, I ate breakfast around 8:00 a.m. and then wasn’t able to eat more than a handful of nuts until 5:00 p.m. when I made supper.  Normally, I would have been grumpy, tired, irritable, and looking to shove anything resembling food into my mouth.  BUT after a hearty Paleo breakfast, I made it all day and I was even nice to perfect strangers!  I came home and cooked this for supper:

That really is amazing!

3.  I’ve lost about five pounds.  Nothing earth shattering, but pretty impressive considering the fact that I feel like I have eaten better than I have in ages and I haven’t been working out any more than normal.  I’m starting a bootcamp next week to increase the intensity of my workouts, so I’m curious to see what that does for me…

The hard part:

1.  It does take some planning and preparation.  The first three weeks I was really trying to eat specific recipes from Practical Paleo, so that meant a lot of time making a menu and then a shopping list from her recipes.  The last two weeks, I’ve made things easier and am mostly focusing on protein and veggies for meals and only cook a specific recipe once in awhile.  But there is still a lot of prep involved with fresh veggies – washing, chopping, cooking, etc.  Which also means a lot of dishes to wash…but thankfully my hubby does the dishes most of the time, so I really can’t complain there!

2.  I miss bread on occasion.  I have a special place in my heart (and gut!) for bread, so giving it up was tough at first.  However, I found some awesome muffin and waffle recipes that are made with coconut flour, so I’m perfectly happy with that.  I’m still missing crackers, so now I need to find a Paleo cracker to satisfy that need…

So, we are now calling ourselves “Paleo.” We are no longer considering this a ‘new diet,’ rather it has just become the way we eat.  Love it!


I am not a vegetarian ~ Munchies Monday

I was born and raised in Texas and it would be just plain wrong if I were a vegetarian.  I have nothing against vegetarians, though.  I mean, their life choice just means more meat for me. I love that my diet includes large amounts of protein and that large amounts of protein can be found in meat.  Lentils are cool, but given the choice, I’ll choose meat 9 times out of 10.  What can I say?

Exhibit A:

I had every intention of taking this picture before I started eating, but I couldn’t help myself…it was just too good to wait around for!


1.  I did not eat all of it.  I could have, but I gave a portion to my husband (he did have his own steak, too…).

2.  The veggie on the side is kale and it was delicious!  I sprinkled a little curry on it and thought of my friend Stephanie because we had just had a conversation about kale and because she’s spicy!  (like curry…get it?)

3.  I totally picked up the bone with my fingers and gnawed on it until I was sure all the meat was gone.

It was delicious.

Stuffed Delecata Squash – Munchies Monday

This was a delicious meal that I threw together!  I had a recipe for stuffed delecata squash, but didn’t feel like waiting to try this yummy squash variety, so I just used what I had on-hand.

I will share my list of ingredients, but you’ll have to figure out a recipe on your own…

1 pound of apple-chicken sausage



yellow bell peppers

delecata squash (duh.)

It was sooo good!  Very healthy, too!

Bruschetta Eggplant with Chicken

I know it’s been awhile since I posted a picture of a delicious Medifast recipe that I’ve made.  I’ve still been cooking, just forgetting to take pics!  But last night, not only did I remember to take a pic of the finished product, but I also snapped a few along the way!

Chicken cooking is not that tasty-looking, I realize, but I wanted to capture all the parts that went into my dish in their own, separate preparation elements…  I just cooked the chicken in a skillet on the stove top.  I take my time when I do this and cook it forever (usually too long, as it turns out a little dry), but I’m terrified of consuming raw chicken…

Next, the eggplant.  I made that in the toaster oven since I had muffins going on in the big oven.  I know, I’m a regular Suzi Homemaker!  These muffins are delicious and I can make a couple of batches and then freeze them for a quick breakfast on the way out the door in the morning!  Maybe you’ll get a picture of them another time…

And the raw ingredients…tomatoes, green onions, fresh basil leaves, and fresh garlic…yummy.

Put ’em together and what do you get?  Bruschetta Eggplant with Chicken!  Soooo tasty!

I was honestly a little scared of cooking the eggplant since a) I’ve never done it before; b) my husband “doesn’t really like eggplant;” and c) I’d been warned that it’s easy to mess up.  But I have to say, I did it quite successfully!  I loved it, hubby loved it…I guess I’m a master chef!

Here’s the finished product:

Day Thirteen : Weigh In #2!

I went for my second weigh in and was so worried I hadn’t lost any thing.  Not because I haven’t been following the plan, just because I didn’t really feel like I had for some reason.  BUT I was down 2 more pounds!!  Yay!

I was a little frustrated just because I had lost so much the first week, but a loss is a loss, right?  Right!  I’m keeping it up and sticking to it.  In general, things were easier this week than last.  However, I will say that having a busy weekend last weekend where I had to think about what I would eat when at restaurants was actually a little easier…just made it go by faster.  I’ve got busy weekends from now through September, so I’m going to be challenged, but am glad to see them speed by!

Two weeks down, 10 to go!

Spicy Garlic and Lime Shrimp for dinner… I’ve gotten back into having half of my Lean and Green for lunch and half for supper and I finally got on the routine of cooking a dish for supper and then taking half for lunch the next day.  Makes the days better (hunger-wise) and that way I don’t have a HUGE supper, that I take forever to eat because it’s so much food (see Day: 10…the Tofu nightmare…)!!

Sorry if my pics aren’t always the best…  A new phone with a nice camera built in is my reward for reaching my first goal, which I *might* be able to get to at next week’s weigh in, BUT that would mean a 4.5 pound loss, so we’ll see.  I amped up my workouts and am eating on plan to see if I can make it happen!