Adventures in Paleo

I got this mammoth book for Christmas: Practical Paleo Book

It is huge and heavy and I’m fixin’ to take it to the Kinko’s and have them split it in half and spiral bind the sucker.  Then it will be more manageable and user-friendly.  The first half is the why of doing Paleo and the second is mostly recipes.  The “why” was an interesting read over Christmas break, but my “why” is simple – I want the benefits I’ve seen in Cosmo’s cousin…  She and her family have some allergies and they started doing Paleo several months ago.  Allergies are gone and she and her husband look amazing!

I want my allergies gone and I want to look amazing, so I decided to give it a shot!

Beef & Veggie Stir Fry

So, we’ve been at it since Monday (today is Saturday) and I have to say, it has gone GREAT.  We went on a massive shopping excursion after spending a couple of hours creating a meal plan and shopping list (note: there are only two of us…I have no idea how you people with children ever accomplish this task.  You are my heroes.).  We have spent more time cooking this week than I think we did in the last six months – and that includes Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners!  But we have had fun being together in the kitchen and have created some truly amazing food.

In this process, I wanted to keep track of our progress, likes and dislikes, successes, failures, struggles and the like.

Thai Curry & Coconut Soup

What I’ve learned this week:

  • reheated eggs are not my favorite – we made the “Swirly Crustless Quiche” and then reheated it a couple of days.  It was ok, but not as awesome as it would have been fresh out of the oven.  Good, time-saving idea, but not worth it…
  • perfectly baked bacon rocks and is good reheated
  • pumpkin pancakes took a long time and were not worth the effort…maybe I didn’t cook them long enough or something, but they were kinda too soft and mushy.  I’m big on texture, so these didn’t work for me.  Searching for a better paleo-friendly pancake / waffle recipe.  I think coconut flour ones are the answer…
  • it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  I did find myself longing for bread last night, but I made it through and am planning some paleo muffins into this week’s menu.
  • it has been time consuming, BUT as we learn more about how to do it, I’ll feel better about branching out from specific recipes to do my own thing.  AND we have enjoyed being in the kitchen working together to make meals.

So far, I am still sniffling with allergies and don’t look amazing, but I feel pretty good about the whole thing and am willing to persist…


5 thoughts on “Adventures in Paleo

  1. I found a plan for 30 day Paleo challenge that Kyle and I have been talking about doing. We were going to start once we got settled (so next week hopefully!) We can commiserate/celebrate together 🙂

  2. Mom has been very busy this week preparing concoctions for my cedar fever and some delicious drinks from the blender! Thank you for motivating us also!

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