Joy Dare

joyJoy.  Exuberance.  Bliss.  Delight.  Elation.  Wonder.

Dare.  Challenge.  Provoke.  Entice.

I am taking a dare that was issued to my heart quite awhile back.  A dare to look for joy daily.  A dare to find in the everyday-ness of life the treasures God has planted for me to find.  A challenge to see beyond the “in your face” stuff of life to the things that sing songs to my soul.  It has also been called gratitude, but Joy is a lovelier word to my heart.

Inspired by Ann Voskamp and her One Thousand Gifts, I am taking her up on her dare in the new year.  It is my only resolution.  (I thought of quoting her – of explaining her one thousand gifts / joy dare, but I decided to let her do that for herself through her blog and books and instead, I will simply (!) take the dare for myself.)

The dare is to face each and every day with expectation and an eye to the gifts God gives every moment of every day.  Some are obvious, blue-skies-and-sunshine type gifts.  Others seem to be nothing but pain until you peel back a few layers that remind that God is always and only ever seeking our best.

But I am waiting to start.  I’m waiting until January 1, 2014.  I know, seems doomed if it becomes a New Year’s Resolution, but as I have pondered the idea, I find myself needing to wait.  Everywhere I look, I am surrounded by Advent – this season of waiting, of anticipation.  Waiting for the coming of the Christ-child.  Waiting for His perfect timing to birth a new thing in me.  It isn’t about the date so much as it is about my heart.  I feel a sense of needing to wait; the kind of wait that builds anticipation and longing.  The kind of wait that lives through the initial excitement of a new thing and sustains it past the newness of a thing.  A wait that outlives the honeymoon and blossoms into a happily-ever-after marriage of commitment and devotion.

Yes, I’m striving to list 1000 Gifts. Yes, I’m going to number them.  As for where they will be…I’m not entirely sure.  Some will be here, most will be on Facebook.  Boy, I sure would like to say that you will be able to find the entire list in one place and I hope to make that the case, but you’ll forgive me if some end up not together.  Let me think on that some more an give you an update in the next post…


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