Basic Physical Therapy Exercises

My Wellness Program is going great here at Aloha Wellness Center.  I’ve had a couple of months of bi-weekly chiropractic adjustments and four weeks of weekly massages.  Last week, I graduated to physical therapy exercises before my adjustments.  The exercises are relatively simply, but they do feel really good.  I’m thinking they should be a daily thing for me even when I’m not getting adjusted.

I’ll give you a quick run-down so you get an idea of what I’m talking about.  The first is an isometric neck exercise.  A lot of places online show folks doing them with their hands, but Dr. English uses one of those red balls you used to play dodge ball with in P.E.  You put the ball against the wall and your forehead against the ball and hold for 10 seconds.  Then you repeat on the right and left and then you put it in the curve of your neck to do the back.  I feel a little silly doing it, but it’s therapy, man, so lay off!

cat-cowNext is a stability ball exercise where you lay on the stability ball on your stomach, kind of collapsed on the ball. Then you press yourhands to the floor and press your torso up.  It is very similar to the cat-cow pose move, only with a stability ball underneath you.  And incidentally, the cat-cow pose is the next exercise.  It is followed by placing that dodge ball between your knees while you do a lying rotational twist on your back.  When you get your legs to one side, you stretch both arms to the opposite side – lovely spine stretch.  And the last stretch is the Figure 4 stretch – one of my favorites.figure4

The last exercise is the wobble board.  Using a wobble board with two balls under it (i.e. makes it easier for beginners), you use both feet to tilt the board forward and back for three minutes.  The goal is to touch the floor with control (versus letting it bang into it).  Jennifer says I’m pretty good at it and that was after only my second time…just sayin’.

So, I’m really enjoying this stage of the plan and am feeling an increase in my range of motion – especially in my neck.  It’s always good to see results!

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