me + groupon = heart 4 ever

So, you should know that I’m a total Groupon junkie.  I’ve gotten deals on everything from half off at expensive restaurants (like The Melting Pot) to deals on bed and breakfasts (like Vintage Villas) to massage and wellness packages (like at Aloha Wellness Center).  I’ve read some negative reviews about Groupon, but I stand by them.  Their deals are awesome and I have never once been disappointed with their customer service.

But this post is not really about Groupon…  Rather, it is about Aloha Wellness Center, a fabulous business I found as a result of my ongoing, unrepentant, love affair with Groupon and the amazing deals I get.

Aloha WellnessAloha specializes in wellness programs that integrate chiropractic, massage therapy, and physical therapy.  The Groupon was for a Wellness Evaluation and three follow up massages targeting the issues discovered in the evaluation.

I enjoyed the overall experience so much that I used Yelp for the first time, ever, to write a review.

As a result of my introduction via the Groupon, I signed up to participate in the wellness program they recommended for me.  And now, you get to benefit from my participation…through this blog!  I’m going to document the treatments I receive – giving my thoughts, results, and general review as I experience all that Aloha has to offer.  Coming Soon is my review of my first chiropractic adjustment…

Full Disclosure:  In addition to signing on to participate in the program, I also asked for a job and am now working for Aloha. My employment agreement includes free treatments.  Having said that, their prices are very reasonable and chances are good that I would have signed up anyway.  Rest assured, I intend to be fair and honest in my reviews, so you can still read an objective account.  Just so you know…


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