Thursday night tries to be date night around here.  Sometimes that means just sitting home watching a movie and eating dinner, other times it means going out to a movie, some weeks we change it up and go bowling or out to eat or to an arcade or something else we enjoy.  Every once in awhile one of us will surprise the other and plan it all. It all depends on energy and budget!

About a month ago, I saw that Wicked was coming to Austin and really wanted to go see it.  Tickets were pricey, so that fact, combined with my procrastination, meant we kept delaying on purchasing them.  Then one day, my procrastination paid off!  TravelZoo offered a discounted ticket price for pretty decent seats!  I scooped them up and we had reservations!

This week, I told my hubby that since I got the tickets, he was in charge of picking the restaurant.  He asked the hip UT student who works for him and she gave him three fabulous choices.  We selected Moonshine, a casual restaurant downtown that serves comfort food with a twist.  The food was amazing.  Beer-battered asparagus for our appetizer.  Molasses and chile cured pork chop with bourbon apple sauce and a side of to-die-for macaroni and cheese for me.  Broiled rainbow trout with corn bread stuffing with chile sage butter and a side of mashed potatoes for him.  Both came with carrots and steamed kale salad…oh my.  And then the signature skillet apple pie with maple ice cream for dessert.  There were leftovers, I’m delighted to report, so I get to relive this meal over the weekend!

Suffice to say, we recommend Moonshine.  Delish!

And Wicked…it was phenomenal!  If you don’t know the story, the best summary I can give without giving anything away is the one I read that made me want to see it: “So much happened before Dorothy dropped in.”  Great story, fabulous singing, beautiful costumes, talented performers.  Just all-around excellent!

Now for a moment on my soap-box…  People of America: What has happened to your sense of decorum?  (Do you even know what decorum means?)  You pay a boatload of money for tickets to a live performance.  You get dressed up (well, “up” is an over statement.  Some of us got dressed up, others just got dressed…).  You enter a fabulous theatre with a beautiful stage set before you.  Amazing performers emerge and share with you their astounding talent.  And what do you do?  You text.  During the performance.  You sing along (yes, at least it means you are a fan, but show a little respect to the ones on stage that you paid to see).  You talk (out loud, while it is going on) about how many times your friend has seen it.  Call me crazy, but this is not what going to the theatre should be.  Take one night off from being tethered to your cell phone.  Take one night to dress up a little.  Get swept up in the theatrics and the costumes and the story.  And for the love of Pete, and the sake of all that is good and pure, don’t sing along!

Ok.  All done.  If you live in Austin, go see it tonight or tomorrow or Sunday afternoon.  It is truly fabulous.  But if you think you might be bored or can’t control yourself in some way, spare the rest of the audience and stay home!


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