Malcolm Gladwell + Tough Mudder

Yes.  MIA.  That’s me.

Caught up in life that won’t slow down or give me time to take a breath.  But loving it.

I am blessed beyond measure – you know this is true if you have ever met my husband and my family (those by blood and by bond).

So what’s my latest exploit?  Tough Mudder.  Yep.  I’m doing it.  Feeling a little crazy for wanting to, but every time I look at the website, I get excited.  Weird, I know.

I created a whole workout plan to get me ready for it.  No, I am not capable of doing anything without first making a plan.  Why?  What have you heard?  It’s an awesome, daunting plan.  Today is Day 2.  Day 2 included four miles of speed walking with one mile of jogging in the middle.  Not so tough, but that’s how you work up to running 10 miles when you’ve never done it before…at least that’s what they tell me.

It’s pretty cool because I’ve been planning to start this training for a long time – somehow I decided I needed eight weeks to get ready for this event, so I didn’t have to start training until yesterday.  I have a color-coded calendar printed up (totally not kidding – I just can’t help myself) and a list of circuits to do on alternating days when I’m not running.  I have exactly ONE rest day per week and that is a little scary, but I’ve done that before and my body actually loves it…  I just like to MOVE.

I’m feeling really thankful that I can train at all.  Just finished listening to Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.  (I’ve found listening to audiobooks while I run makes it go by so fast for me!)  In the end, one of the truths he unveils is that people who make it great were given a huge opportunity to work really hard.  And they took it.

Sounds odd – being given the opportunity to work hard – but I know just what he means.  I’ve been given a huge opportunity – based on where I was born, the family I was born into, the people I was surrounded by, my health, etc. and now I get to work really hard to do some great things.  Or not.  I don’t have to take the opportunities I’ve been given.  I could ignore them and sit on the sofa eating chocolate chips cookies – warm ones, fresh out of the oven, with cold milk…and believe me, I totally do that every once in awhile – but pity parties are fewer and further between these days.  However, the point is, I get to choose what I will do with every day.

And of course, if you have ever read my blog before this moment, you know that when I say, “I get to choose,” the underlying reality is that I believe in a God who has perfectly ordered my steps.  And when I follow them, I get to live this amazing life.

So, what opportunity to work really hard have you been given?  Or did you think “opportunity” meant being handed life on a silver platter?  Yeah, me too.  I thought that until my 5 mile jog / walk this morning when Mr. Gladwell convinced me of a different definition.


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