A new thing

It was an idea birthed a few weeks ago during Morning Pages.  I was pondering (lamenting) the fact that the summer refuses to fall into routine and allow me a chance to have a normal week.  It would appear abnormal is normal.  I had grand plans for the summer and hoped to spend Tuesdays and Wednesdays as writing days.  Alas.  When I have a day off from Hyper Wear work, I find myself busy with house work and errand work and running-around-in-general work.

So in my Morning Pages, I devised a plan to go on a Writing Retreat.  Once a month, go somewhere…anywhere, really…with the express purpose of writing.  Away from the house and away from the beloved distractions of husband and kitty.  I got very excited about this scheme and thought about where I might go and how long I could stay and so forth.  I planned and smiled.  I am a great planner…it’s the following through that doesn’t always find its way to me.

Then one day last week, my husband called and suggested I take my first Writing Retreat this weekend.  (I had told him of my dream and he loved the idea; he is my biggest supporter and fan.)  He had a project of his own that he wanted to work on and thought the holiday weekend a great time for us both.

I faltered.

It seemed he was accidentally calling my bluff.

In theory, the idea of a retreat sounded lovely and romantic and mysterious, but in reality it cost money and wouldn’t I get bored just writing for a whole day? and what if I got writer’s block! and blah blah blah.  Then the writer inside of me took over.  She screams a lot about wanting to come out to play, but I keep maturely telling her, “Just wait until the timing is better.”  She is so stubborn and will not listen!  She doesn’t care about lousy timing.  She wants to PLAY!!  So she scooted me over to my laptop and typed in http://www.priceline.com and had me search for a place in downtown Austin.  She and my hubby are in cahoots – he told her a good price to bid and a good location to bid on.  Within minutes I had won a bid and had a room reserved for tonight.

So much for theory.

So here I sit, looking out over IH-35 as the cars zip by, not noticing me at all.  I see the top of the capital building and have plans to go for a jog around there in the morning.  I’m a little in shock that I’m here and writing, of all things.  Once I post this, I’ll pick up where I left off with inputting my book from the notebook it currently lives in to my laptop so that I can hopefully finish and publish it soon.  It has all kinds of potential…

And by way of an update for those of you that care, my brother is currently reading / editing “The Girl,” the novel I wrote last November for NaNoWriMo.  Not sure what will happen after that, but perhaps I’ll self-publish and sell it on Amazon, just for fun.

There you have it.

Here’s to all of a sudden making plans reality.


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