I am not a vegetarian ~ Munchies Monday

I was born and raised in Texas and it would be just plain wrong if I were a vegetarian.  I have nothing against vegetarians, though.  I mean, their life choice just means more meat for me. I love that my diet includes large amounts of protein and that large amounts of protein can be found in meat.  Lentils are cool, but given the choice, I’ll choose meat 9 times out of 10.  What can I say?

Exhibit A:

I had every intention of taking this picture before I started eating, but I couldn’t help myself…it was just too good to wait around for!


1.  I did not eat all of it.  I could have, but I gave a portion to my husband (he did have his own steak, too…).

2.  The veggie on the side is kale and it was delicious!  I sprinkled a little curry on it and thought of my friend Stephanie because we had just had a conversation about kale and because she’s spicy!  (like curry…get it?)

3.  I totally picked up the bone with my fingers and gnawed on it until I was sure all the meat was gone.

It was delicious.

2 thoughts on “I am not a vegetarian ~ Munchies Monday

  1. Soooo I would like to know if you used the fresh curry I prepared for you and your sweet husband….? if so, I would like to be included in the “the curry brings to mind…” – Stephanie didn’t give you freshly ground curry… did she???? – who did, I wonder…

    • ACK!! you are so right! i’m so rude!! my amazing mother was wonderful enough to give us fresh curry that she herself prepared and then put it in the most adorable container you have ever seen! i should write a whole post about the curry, the cute container, and my fabulous mom!! 🙂 love you, mom!

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