Wanna see the pinnacle of perfection?

This is the best ad, ever.

Here’s what I love:

* shiny muscles

* teeth so white they’ll blind you

* they’re on a bike.  seriously?  a bike?

* the ambiguity – are the people the pinnacle of perfection or the protein bar?  or both??  (both would make it deep…)

* really, what’s not to love?!  it’s a rockin’ awesome ad and i will be ordering a bulk case of whatever they’re selling…



3 thoughts on “Wanna see the pinnacle of perfection?

  1. That is hysterical.

    I wonder if they make fun of themselves?


    Did you see any advertisments of this sort in Turkey? I’m always curious if shiny muscles are an American thing or if it’s a global obsession.

    • No ads quite this bad… There were a few workout facilities and strangely, all of the models were American! This was the case with most ads you saw – the models were not Turkish… I think America is helping to make it a global obsession…yay, America…

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