Open Heart, Sore Muscles

You may have guessed that my lack of posts since February are a direct result of how busy I have been!  Those who know me know that I have just returned from a trip to Turkey.  It was awesome!  I intend to write a series of posts about my experiences over the next few weeks (months??) for those who may be interested in the specifics.

BUT this post is not about the trip, per se, but more about the experiences I’ve had since I’ve been back.

I flew into Austin airport Monday night at 11:45 pm.  My wonderful husband picked me up and had daisies – my favorite – waiting for me!  We then went to Kerbey Lane Cafe and enjoyed our favorite meal there (the Sparrow special and vegan pancakes!!).  He listened to me talk on and on about the trip.  Strangely, I was not tired despite the fact that by that time I had been up for well over 24 hours, having not gotten a wink of sleep on the plane (thank you, screaming baby…).  We talked until around 2 am and finally went home to sleep.  Noon on Tuesday came quickly!  I stayed home and took a couple of naps on Tuesday and did mostly nothing all day.  It was a great way to get over any jet lag and just plain exhaustion!

Although we walked everywhere in Turkey, I was itching for a good, hard workout.  I finally had a CATZ session yesterday.  It was awesome!  I’m so sore today and I have never been happier about being sore!

So things are mostly back to normal, but there is definitely something different in my heart.  I am trying to process through all I saw and experienced and put the pieces in place of what God is doing in my life right now.  There are changes afoot and this trip seemed to be the preparation for some big shifts in my vision.


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