Will you be my val…hold on, let me finish this sentence…

Cosmo and I had a lovely date last night in honor of Valentine’s Day.  Sushi, a little wine (me, not him), and ice cream at Marble Slab (dark chocolate with cookie dough and raspberry with vanilla – can you guess which one ate which?).  I love my husband and I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day.

As we were leaving Midori Sushi, we walked past one of their cute, cozy, romantic booths.  I glanced inside to see what the couple sitting inside was wearing and eating – I’m a little nosy, ok?  Much to my surprise, both people – a man and a woman – had their own Kindles and were sitting reading books!!

Here’s how it went down earlier that evening:

Her: “Should we go out for Valentine’s Day?”

Him: “I suppose…since they’re going to the trouble to have one.  Where should we go?”

Her: “Midori.  They have those cute, cozy, romantic booths.”

Him: “Perfect!  Nice and quiet so we can get some reading done!”

Her: “That’s what I was thinking!”

Him: “Don’t forget your Kindle, ‘cuz I’m not sharing!”

In Unison: “Valentine’s Schmalentines…”

To each his own.  Two peas in a pod.  Similar interests.  I suppose…but really?  Out on a romantic date to ignore one another in favor of a book on your matching Kindles?  Wish I’d had the nerve to ask if I could take their picture!


2 thoughts on “Will you be my val…hold on, let me finish this sentence…

  1. Hi,I liked your post. My husand and I went out too, and we did NOT take our kindles (we don’t have them!) I saw you had visited my blog on life in Turkey, and wanted to visit yours!

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