blinkers on your car were designed so that the people around you would know what to expect from you next.  when you don’t use your blinker, i have no idea what to expect from you.  are you turning?  are you slowing for no reason other than to check your brakes?  are you moving off the road for some reason?

what are you doing??

i’ve recently noticed an odd phenomenon…  i’m driving down the highway at a portion that is relatively vacant.  someone up ahead is entering the highway from an on-ramp, nicely using their blinker to enter the highway.  they are not cutting anyone off or even getting in front of anyone, but they are being courteous and using their blinker.  we drive on.  we approach a section of road with more traffic.  same car that used their blinker on vacant highway decides to change lanes and in so doing gets in front of another car.  no blinker.  same car doesn’t know which exit is theirs so they slow down, again, no blinker.  same car needs to change lanes yet again, this time causing the car they get in front of to have to slam on their brakes and, you guessed it, no blinker!

i’ve seen it time and again and i really don’t understand it.  i use my blinker habitually and especially when other cars are around.  doesn’t that just make sense?

so tell me, have you noticed this phenomenon?  do you use your blinker?  are there specific times when you don’t use your blinker?  if so, when?  why?  how do you decide?


3 thoughts on “blinkers

  1. I really enjoy your blog posts! I pretty much always use my blinker. I am torn about using it in a turn lane at a light because it is obvious I am turning, but force of habit and peer pressure usually win and I signal 🙂

  2. Yes, I do. I even “overuse” it. I still remember my dad, who taught me to drive, sarcastically commenting, when a driver put on a turn signal WHILE turning, “Did you think it would help you around the corner!”

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