An informal test…

I work out at an awesome facility called CATZ (Competitive Athlete Training Zone).  They have a wide range of classes for everyone from little kids from age three to  high school, college and professional athletes to adults.  I love it there.  Their classes are all about functional fitness training – that means, you’re building muscles to help you actually do the stuff you do every day.

I’ve been doing a CATZ sessions a couple of times a week for the last couple of years – currently you can find me in the Tuesday and Thursday 12:30 class.  They were and are my main source of exercise and one of the key reasons I was able to lose the weight I’ve lost.  One thing I have never done is wear my Hyper Vest for a workout for a CATZ session since they are hard enough on their own!

the other guys...

What’s a Hyper Vest, you ask? Well!  Only the greatest weight vest on the market!  In fact, it’s SO great that you can’t even call it a weight vest as that conjures

up hideous, bulky, impractical (non-functional) weight vests that someone like me wouldn’t be caught dead in!  The Hyper Vest takes the principles of adding a weighted garment while you exercise to increase calorie burn and build more muscles in shorter time and makes those principles work across the full range of physical motion.  In other words, it’s design allows you to move at full speed without it bouncing around on your body.

Full disclosure:

1. My husband invented the Hyper Vest.  He is brilliant.  I am proud of him.  This product was 20 years in the making by a man who sees the big picture and the little details all at the same time.  It is quite awesome and so is he.  You should see what else he’s invented…

2. I work for the company.  We run a business (Hyper Wear) at which we sell the vest and other fitness equipment, all of which my husband has invented.  Did I mention he’s brilliant?

So, anyway…I decided to take the plunge this week.  As you may know, I recently recommitted to my weight loss plan to get rid of these last four or five pesky pounds.  One of the ways I’ve boosted my resolve is through exercise.  My goal this week has been to burn at least 3500 extra calories per week or around 500 per day through exercise. At a normal CATZ session, I burn an average of 611 calories (based on the average of the last 10 CATZ sessions I did at my current weight).

Starting Tuesday, I added a five-pound Hyper Vest to the mix.  It was tough, but I kept reminding myself that just four months ago, I was doing the same workout with 30 extra pounds on my body, so really?  Was five pounds really a deal-breaker?  I think not.

Tuesday, I burned 731 calories and today I burned 755.  I’m going to try to be honest and fair and do the average of 10 workouts, but so far, I’m impressed with the results.  That’s around 130 extra calories just by adding a piece of clothing!

So, this is the start of my informal test.  I’ll keep you posted…



4 thoughts on “An informal test…

  1. You sound like you’re committed (as your feature quote says) passionate, and also loyal. I’m sure you’ll encourage a lot of people.

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