I’m sorry.  I know some of you who read this blog were offended by the title.  I just had to do it, though, since that is what this blog is all about – Hooters Restaurant.  Others of you who never ever read my blog are reading for the first time thinking, “Finally!  A subject I care about!”  You know who you are.

I don’t get it.  What is the obsession with this restaurant?  Now, don’t give me the standard, “They have GREAT chicken wings!” because I’ve heard that argument.  No chicken wing can be that good.  And don’t feed me line about “You’re a girl, you wouldn’t understand.”  Even if you are a male, I’m still confused!  Here is the primary reason that I’m confused:

Has anyone else ever noticed that the Hooters girls dress like Richard Simmons?  Seriously.


Am I the only one who’s ever noticed this??  I feel like I’m taking crazy pills…  Let’s do a critical analysis:

A.  Tank Top – check

B.  Short, Tight Shorts – check

C.  Shiny Legs due to Wearing of Pantyhose – check (pantyhose, people…PANTYHOSE!!)

D.  Tall, White Socks – check

E.  Glaringly White Tennis Shoes – check

I suppose Richard is missing a apron-thingy to hold all those chicken-wing tabs.  Golly-gee, they are totally different after all…


6 thoughts on “Hooters.

  1. The only time patrons of Hooters might notice what these women are wearing below their short shorts is if they happen to be picking up a dropped fork when she walks by. Duh.

  2. hehe…I LOVE hooters!! The girls look like morons…and a lot of them have muffin tops…if you dress like that…you should not have a muffin top. I love the hot wings…and the fried pickles…and a big mug of beer…while watching sports with my sweet hubby. For real…my mother-in-law took me to Hooters for my birthday…cuz that’s where I wanted to go. She would have taken me anywhere…

    • you’re so awesome, monica! thanks for the feedback! i have heard the wings are great, but then again i’ve heard the articles in playboy are great, too… 😉

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