I notice random things.

I notice random things.  I see something happen and it captures my attention and I relate the story to my husband.  It may not be terribly funny or interesting, but it humors me somehow and I feel the need to share.  And he’s my husband, so he has to listen.

I’m not sure if he’s trying to get me to spout my inanities to someone else or if he genuinely thinks it’s a good idea, but lately, he’s taken to saying, “You should blog about that.”  My standard response is, “Really?”

So, in his honor and by his request, I’m starting a whole new category of posts called “i notice random things.”

Today, I was driving and there was a man at the intersection asking for money.  I’ve seen clever quotes and heart-wrenching pleas.  I’ve even seen a dude who sits in a wheelchair up on the curb.  I thought to myself, “How’d he get up there on that curb?”  The next day, I saw him pushing his wheelchair across the street and up onto the curb before he sat down and took out his sign.  Dude.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Sorry…tangent.  Anyway.  Today, the guy’s sign said 25 cents (but with the cent sign, which I don’t know how to make on WordPress, so just pretend, ok?).  I looked at his sign and felt confused.

Was he asking for 25 cents?  Why so low?  If you’re going to name a price, why not give a bigger number?

Was he just making a statement?  What is that supposed to mean?

If I tossed him a quarter, would he start singing and dancing?

If I tossed him a quarter, would he be able to catch it or would it roll down the hill directly behind him?  Would he run down the hill in search of it if it did?

What’s he gonna do with that quarter?

The light turned green so I drove through the intersection.  I did not give him a quarter.  I thought the guy with the sign that read, “Yacht payment late,” was more clever.  I should give him a quarter next time I see him, but I’m so rarely in South Austin where he lives…or where he doesn’t live since he’s homeless…or whatever.

So you tell me, is this story blog-worthy or is my husband trying to pawn me off on an unsuspecting public?  (It doesn’t really matter what you say, I’ll keep posting these random things because they come to me with much greater frequency than anything else.  You’ve been warned.)

Dang it!!  I totally should have taken his picture!  Man!  If I take pictures of the random things I encounter, I bet you’ll be more likely to read my blog…don’t lie.  I know you just like to look at pictures…

The end.


6 thoughts on “I notice random things.

  1. 🙂 I pass by an intersection every day in Kirkland between my house and the park and ride that always has “someone” pandering. The signs I love are the ones so long that I can’t even read it. Someone should have educated them about sign lengths.

    Anyway, I can totally relate to your story and definitely think you should continue with blogging about “noticing”. (Cosmo’s such a wise man) Oh and pictures would be “funner” too!

  2. Yeah a picture would have been fantastic. And the category is a good idea as long as you keep the posts short and sweet. Websurfers have the attention span of

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