Day 119: Weigh In #17 + In Body #5

When they do my In Body, I step on this super-high-tech machine and stand *just so* with my hands holding these bars *just so*.  It whirs and clicks and does its thing.  It then spits out a lovely multi-colored analysis sheet that I always ask for my own copy of so that I can show Cosmo my “report card.”  In addition, one of the sweet ladies at the Medifast Center measures me.  All over.  Neck to ankles.  You’d be amazed.  I won’t go into detail, but there are 17 places from which she takes measurements.  She writes down each measurement on a spreadsheet with my measurements from the other times we’ve done measurements in order to compare.  I always ask for my own copy of this, as well.  It is also my report card.

Here are the results from this past month…

Inches lost this month: 9.25

Total inches lost since August 9th: 62.25 (!!)

Total pounds lost: 32

BMI (Body Mass Index): Normal

Percent Body Fat: Normal

Pounds left to lose: 0!!

I’m not quite at my goal weight – 5 lbs. away- but according to all the statistics and calculations, I don’t *need* to lose any more.  All that means is that I have moved into Phase 2 of the plan – Stabilization!  Wahoo!!  The only change this week is that I add 1 cup more of veggies per day, but next week…I get fruit.  I’m so stoked.  I miss fruit.  Irrationally.  I crave bananas.  I drool over strawberries.  I stare longingly at grapes.  I confess.  It’s more than a little odd.  They don’t have a “normal” range for fruit craving…


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