Day 90: Weigh In #13 + In Body #4

Have you been waiting for an update about my health journey?  I’m so sorry for the delay…life has been hectic and since I’m doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) this month (the goal is to write a 50,000-word novel during the month of November!), I’ve been blogging less.  My sincere apologies.

So, today was a Weigh In and In Body.  It was my 13th weigh in and I am supposed to be done with my weight loss…I am not.  Disappointing?  Yes, but lots of other good things are happening, so I’m choosing to focus on that, instead!

For starters, I definitely feel better than ever and am in better health than ever – which is really the point.  To date, I have lost a total of 28 pounds.  That means I am finally below 10 pounds left to lose (9 more to go!!).  In addition, I lost another 10.5 inches overall for a grand total of 53 inches overall to date!  Not too shabby…

I’ve been a little frustrated with the slow weight loss (one pound per week for about the last three or four weeks), but I’m gaining muscle strength and decreasing fat (in other words, my body fat percentage is decreasing – it’s actually in the normal range now).  I understand that now is the time I will start to see body fat percentage decrease along with weight decrease…cool.  I’m ready to shed these last nine pounds (and earn my shopping spree reward)!!

Thanks to all of you who have been encouraging me and helping me along the way – from amazing friends and family who have sent me notes or called me or exclaimed, “Wow!  How much weight have you lost?” to the wonderful trainers at CATZ who push me to push myself harder so I can get the results I want to my fantastic and supportive husband who is my cheerleader and willpower when I waver…I literally handed him a chocolate chip cookie the other day and said, “You’re going to have to take this out of the house for me.”  He took it (along with the bite I had just broken off that was headed for my mouth) and smiled as he walked it out the door.  Not sure who ended up with it (he doesn’t eat chocolate), but I am also grateful to you, chocolate-chip-cookie-eating friend!  I could not have done any of this without each of you.  Your encouragement has always come at critical moments and kept me focused on the goal.

Please stick with me!  These last few pounds promise to be a challenge and I need your prayers and encouragement all the more!  I can’t wait to post before and after pictures!

p.s. i can’t believe it’s only been 3 months.  i can’t believe the success i’ve had in such a short time.  some days are definitely harder than others, but that’s when i re-read my goals, read and remember the words of encouragement i’ve received, and make a choice in that moment that moves me toward my goals.  just one choice in one moment can sometimes make all the difference.  if i can do it, anyone can.  yes, it takes hard work and discipline, but it is possible and it is life-changing.  i’m even thinking of getting my personal fitness training certification…wouldn’t that be fun?


5 thoughts on “Day 90: Weigh In #13 + In Body #4

  1. wow – did you say 53 inches???? that is amazing!! proud of you and I want to lose that much!! but I can’t get to Austin every monday! I love you!

    • you don’t have to come to Austin to do it, silly mom! you can take your own path and reach your goals – if i can do it, anyone can! you’re already on your way with your personal trainer and yoga classes. 🙂 love you, too! 🙂

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