Good Samaritan

My waning faith in humanity took a hit Saturday…

My husband was at an event as a vendor, demonstrating our products.  He had his camera bag (which is the size of a small child) in the booth all day.  It held his lens and flash while his actual camera stayed on his person pretty much at all times.  Toward the end of the day, he was at the other end of the small parking lot from where the booth was set up and turned around for a few seconds.  When he turned back, you guessed it, his camera bag was gone.

It’s insured, so not a huge deal, but have you ever had something stolen from you?  This is the second major theft we’ve experienced since being married and I must say, you just feel violated.  It’s just so wrong.  You feel so helpless and foolish for not clinging to your every possession.  Then you feel mad.  How dare they!  Then you realize it’s just stuff and you still have your life, so you’re ok with it.  I guess the stages of grief come to mind…

Anyway, that lack of faith in humanity had a boost on Sunday…

We got an email on our work account from a guy saying he bought a camera bag from a homeless man.  He said, “The guy kept saying, ‘Wanna buy a camera?’ and I kept saying, ‘There’s no camera, only a lens!'”  The homeless guy let our hero take a look at the bag and he discovered several business cards inside.  He bought it and immediately emailed us.  Isn’t that nice of him??  I guess he was hoping to get reimbursed for the purchase (and we will certainly do so), but he did that without a guarantee!  I just thought that was too kind.

So there you have it – my faith in humanity remains unchanged.

The end.


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