Day 48: Weigh In #7

Before I make my announcement of the results of today’s weigh in, let me give you a little recap….

Aug. 11 ~ Began Medifast + husband out of town + picked up kitty from the vet after having her spayed + monthly visitor time = stressful & emotional & tearful & generally awful day

Aug. 26-28 ~ Trip to the beach with wonderful friends = fun and food temptations galore!

Sept. 10-11 ~ Volunteered at a BBQ cook-off fundraiser = the more sugar involved in the sauce and the more fat in the meat, the better the rib…

Sept. 17-19 ~ Company from out of town = great fun, but had to get over feeling sorry for myself for not getting to eat like everyone else

Sept. 24-25 ~ Visit to see family + dinner at the best Mexican food restaurant on the planet (been eating here since I was a baby!) + reception for my brother and his wife (Mexican food theme!) = had to say, “No” to some of my favoritist foods on the planet (think queso, chips and guacamole, tomato sauce enchiladas smothered in cheese, and large amounts of carrot cake)

Sept. 26 ~ Potluck going away party for my best friend = again with the denial of eating favorites like mac and cheese and homemade desserts

Whew!  It has been quite the month!  It’s been really hard at times, but I have had a great month filled with family and friends and I have been so proud of myself for exercising discipline in the face of *serious* temptation.  The journey isn’t over yet, but I feel I have already succeeded at so many points along the way and am proud of myself, but know that I could not have done it without the support I have found in my husband, close friends, and family.  I have also relied heavily on prayer to my Lord Jesus – thanks for reminding me that You are strong when I am weak.

So, finally, without further ado… weight loss today of 1.5 pounds!  That means I’m down 17.5 pounds in 7 weeks!!  I’m expecting to face a lot of challenges in the remaining weeks, but can hold my head high as I look back at the successes I’ve already had in the face of the obstacles I’ve worked around.


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