Day 41: Weigh In #6

Last week was a wake-up call.  I had gotten a little slack in my eating and my exercise.  My lack of weight lost last week showed me that, loud and clear.  This is not an easy journey.  This is not always fun.  But if I want to get the results, I have to work hard…really hard, and be disciplined, which is really the biggest part of the health journey.  My amazing personal trainer and best friend, Sparrow, said to me, “You know, if it were fun and easy to eat right, everyone would be on a diet.”  Good point.

So last week, I really buckled down and became obsessive / protective again about my eating.  I told Sparrow I wanted to train more and harder and she has held me to it!  Last week I had three sessions with her, one of which ended with a 1.5 mile run in 10 minutes on the Alter G, anti-gravity treadmill.  That was the ENDING for the workout.  Yeah, she’s a little hard-core, but I wouldn’t want it any other way!

I know, I’m avoiding the point of this post – how much did I lose?!  I lost 3 pounds this week!!  That means I’m down 16 in 6 weeks.  And yesterday marked my halfway point, date-wise.  I need to amp up the weight loss to reach my goal, but I’m not worried – I have a lot of good people taking care of me!

I told Sparrow today that my weight-loss goal for this week was 3 pounds and her response was, “Ok, then let’s work for 4.”  Then she started up that cussing Alter G and ran me 1.5 miles in 8 minutes and 53 seconds.  I have a feeling we’re going for 2 miles in 10 minutes on Thursday…say a prayer for me!

This was my Facebook status after weigh in:

Weigh in: noon
Pounds lost to date: 16
Burning calories with the amazing Lauren Sparrow: priceless

So true!  It’s gruelling, but so awesome to have someone as committed to my goals as I am!  Thanks Sparrow!  Love you!!


2 thoughts on “Day 41: Weigh In #6

  1. I show up and give you the tools. The true dedication and commitment comes from within my sweet, hard-core Suzi. You are the truest form of Driven that I have ever meet in my decades of training. Your will-power is a reflection of how much you value and love yourself. This is your temple that the lord has blessed you with, and a beautiful one it is, and the fact that you are so committed to it shows that you are committed to the many other things in your beautiful life. Your friends, your husband, your family and most importantly yourself. Day #41 and weight in #6 is just a day, what you are doing is for a life. I am so proud of you and so honored to be apart of this journey. Thank you. P.S. Yes, I will kick your booty tomorrow and by saying 4lbs I meant 5lbs. You know how I am with numbers, wink!! I love you.

  2. thank you for showing up.

    what a wonderful reminder: “Day #41 and weight in #6 is just a day, what you are doing is for a life.” sometimes i forget the big picture and focus on the difficulty of the moment, ignoring the fact that i’m working to achieve something that will make my life better for the rest of my life. thank you for the reminder.

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