3 thoughts on “weekly zen 5

  1. The wavy lines in the sand represent a river flowing out of a rock and flowing to earth. From a dark rock to a light rock indicating the negatives becoming positives. The four light colored rocks represent those things which are positive in your life and they are enjoying the water which flows from the dark rock to the light rock. The dark rock in the upper corner represents the negative in your life. The white rock on the dark rock indicates that any negative can be overcome by positive. The additional dark and white rock in the lower corner being excluded from the scene indicates you are putting the negative out of your life. The tools arranged neatly on the side stand ready to help you to manipulate the course of the river as it flows through your life.

  2. this is so awesome, dad. i really love the way you looked at it and described it so beautifully! thank you for your contribution to my blog! love you!

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