relentless breeze

I’m a girl who likes to be clean.  I’ll get sweaty and dirty, but I don’t like to stay that way.  I want a shower as quickly as possible and sometimes quicker than possible.  I also like ideal weather.  I like it not-too-hot and not-too-cold.  I like that perfect temperature in the 70’s when there is coolness in the air and a fresh feeling all around.  New growth of spring helps this feeling, but I’ll also take a brisk Autumn day. A gentle breeze is nice, but not too breezy…

However, there is one place where none of that matters too much.  The beach.

I adore the beach.  I don’t care about being salty and smelling of sunscreen.  My hair can be greasy and my skin a sweaty.  I don’t mind the sand between my toes or the relentless breeze that would normally seem too much. I adore the beach because of it’s proximity to the ocean and I am in love with the ocean.

I grew up in Texas, so my concept of the “ocean” was the Gulf of Mexico.  Now, don’t get me wrong…I’d rather have the Gulf than be land-locked with no water outlets at all.  But really, the Gulf is not the ocean…but it’s close enough for a Texas girl, tight on funds at the end of the summer. And it still has some beauty to offer, so I do still enjoy the Gulf version of the ocean.

I will never forget, however, the first time I encountered the Ocean.  I was on my honeymoon and we went to Kauai.  It was our first morning there and we went on a small hike, eager to see Paradise.  We came over a rise and there She was.  The Ocean.  Huge and Blue.

I was in love.

Never before had I understood that the Ocean really is endlessly big and hopelessly blue.  The Kauai Ocean looks nothing like the Gulf of Mexico, but they are sisters and so any chance I get to be with either of them refreshes my soul.


4 thoughts on “relentless breeze

  1. What a beautiful piece of your soul.
    Your writing is beautifully expressive and puts me in touch with you – and that is an awesome place to be.

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