Yes, the weight loss itself is a reward, but I decided it would be fun to have additional incentives that I’m working toward.  Used to, when I accomplished something, we would celebrate by going out to dinner someplace nice…I guess that’s not such a great idea when your accomplishment is losing weight!  😉  So my husband and I established some smaller goals along my health journey and came up with some rewards associated with them.  The cool thing is, these are things I’ve been wanting for awhile, so it’ll be fun to actually earn them!

A very smart friend of mine suggested I find pictures of the items and put them on my refrigerator.  I thought it was a great idea, but decided to start with posting pictures of them here, first!

Reward #1 ~ Sprint Evo

I’m not normally that turned on by gadget-y, tech-y stuff, but my husband has this phone and I want it SO BAD.  I’ve never experienced phone envy, but man, do I want this phone!  It’s a cool phone, but they also have amazing apps for some special-effects cameras that I really love.  And since, as we all know, the last camera I owned required film, I think I’m due…

Goal date to earn reward: September 6, 2010

Actual date reward earned: September 7, 2010!!


Reward #2 ~ Hemnes Dresser from IKEA

I’ve been wanting this dresser for awhile.  My husband and I currently share a dresser that has five shallow drawers – it was the one my parents bought me when I was in high school.  It’s lovely and in great shape, but it is far too small for two of us to share!!  Look how deep these drawers are!  Truth be told, I want two of them – one for each of us, but we can’t afford that at this time, so we’ll just get me one and put the old one in my husband’s closet and then maybe we can throw away the plastic drawers he’s had to use for his socks!

Goal date to earn reward: October 11, 2010?

Actual date reward earned: October 12, 2010!!


Reward #3 ~ Shopping Spree!!

This one happens when I reach my goal weight!  I want to start saving up now so that when the time comes, I’ll have plenty of moola to spend!!  I’m still debating where I’ll go, but the outlet mall in San Marcos is always a lot of fun!

Goal date to earn reward: November 3, 2010

Actual date reward earned:

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