i am inspired this morning to share on this blog something that i have neglected to mention.  it’s something that i am, for some reason, embarrassed about even though i am also extremely proud of myself, as well.  just under a month ago, i started Medifast.  i’ve had a secondary, sort of hidden blog, tracking my progress with the plan, but due to pride i’ve not wanted to share it with anyone.  i guess i thought i would share it eventually, but wasn’t sure how to do so or with whom.  then i realized i am far too busy to maintain two blogs, so i decided to merge that one into this one.

anyway.  medifast.  what is it?  instead of writing a huge long description here, i created another page where you can read all about the what, when, and why of it.  suffice to say, it is a health program.  i don’t call it a diet because diet is a four letter word and i don’t succeed at them, but i am succeeding at this, so it’s different.  wanna find out how?  check out my Category Cloud and select the Medifast category.

so, i’m back-tracking a little and adding in posts from my other blog that talk about the struggles and triumphs i have faced on this journey to health.  and there it is…the name of this blog is “journey” and yet i was pretending this wasn’t part of my journey.  but it definitely is.  it is all related and ties in together beautifully!

so, anyway, i just wanted to confess that i’ve been holding out on you, neglecting to tell you something.  starting today, the two blogs are one, so you’ll see occasional posts about that journey as well as some pictures of some homemade meals that i am quite proud of.  hope you like it!!


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