Questions you may never think to ask…

When kids go back to school, it signals the end of summer to me.  I know it’s still plenty hot, but there is at least the hope of cooler weather.  It’s like when you are meeting someone and you arrive early (I am *always* early) and you watch the time tick by.  For the 10 minutes before your meeting time, you seriously doubt you’ll see them because you were, after all quite early.  But once the clock hits the designated meeting time, you have a greater hope and eager expectation of seeing them at any moment.  That’s what September is to me.  The clock has reached the meeting time and now, cooler weather could show up any second.

To say our good-byes to summer this year, Cosmo and I took a trip with some dear, dear friends of ours, Denbigh and Stephanie and their adorable, animated, three-years-old-and-good-at-it daughter, Laomai.  We went to the Corpus Christi Bay, soaked in the sun, played in the surf (well, the bay doesn’t get much surf, but still…), and built sandcastles.  It was a relaxing, easy time with relaxing, easy friends.

Just so you get a feel for the bond we have with these folks, let me tell you a story about our trip…  We arrived at our cottage after the four-hour drive.  We were eager to get to the beach (which was a short walk away) even though it was after dark – we had promised Laomai she would get to play in the ocean that day.  Anyway, we go inside the peach-colored vacation home and take a look around.  There is a bedroom downstairs that Cosmo and I take.  Upstairs is a dining room and kitchen (don’t get me started on the kitchen…), a small sitting area and a second bedroom with a bathroom.  Did you catch that?  The only bathroom was IN the upstairs bedroom!  We were about to get *real* cozy.  But wait!  What’s this?  There is no door on the only bathroom, which, did I mention, is IN the bedroom?  Really?  A curtain instead of a door seemed like a good idea?  The closet right next to it has a door, but we all know how private closets should be…

Anyway, we laughed in disbelief and made the best of it.  From now on, we’ll be sure to ask the two crucial questions of vacation home rental: 1. Is the only access to the only bathroom inside one of the bedrooms and 2. Is there a door on the bathroom (which becomes increasingly more important if the answer to question 1 is “Yes”).  Too funny!  We laughed all weekend!!

It was great fun and we can’t wait to do it again…well, all but the door-less bathroom part!


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