tips for tomorrow

a friend of mine had a little housewarming party at her new apartment a couple of weekends ago.  she send a facebook message to all of her friends letting us know how to get into her apartment complex and where the pool was, etc.  the title of the message was “tips for tomorrow.” when i saw that title, i was so intrigued! it seemed so deep and spiritual to me. i couldn’t wait to read what her tips for tomorrow might be – how i might live today so that tomorrow is what i hope for it to be…

i was a little disappointed when i instead found such practical party-helps such as her apartment complex gate code and pool directions in the message…

but it got me thinking, what tips would i offer to someone if i thought they could be useful “tips for tomorrow”?  i immediately thought of the book i’m currently reading for my small group called The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life in God by Dallas Willard.  if you’ve ever read Mr. Willard, you know that this isn’t light, easy reading. this isn’t “i’m sleepy and need to read a nice story” reading.  this is deep stuff.  meaty.  challenging.  i love it!

i think Mr. Willard gives some excellent tips for tomorrow because he so strongly believes that tomorrow starts today.  eternity is now, not after death. we are living (or dying) in eternity right now.  he speaks of the concept that we are preparing today for the person we will be forever.  he unpacks the beatitudes (Matthew 5) and explains that they were not intended to be a to do list (if you are poor in spirit, then you will be blessed), but rather an observation of the hurts and needs of the people he was speaking to (and us still today) with an encouragement that within God’s Kingdom (which is currently present with us), you are blessed.  these are just two very simple summaries of two points in a huge book full of insight and wisdom!

so, a couple of tips for tomorrow from Mr. Dallas Willard for you to ponder today.  what tips for tomorrow would you offer the world?


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