Day Thirteen : Weigh In #2!

I went for my second weigh in and was so worried I hadn’t lost any thing.  Not because I haven’t been following the plan, just because I didn’t really feel like I had for some reason.  BUT I was down 2 more pounds!!  Yay!

I was a little frustrated just because I had lost so much the first week, but a loss is a loss, right?  Right!  I’m keeping it up and sticking to it.  In general, things were easier this week than last.  However, I will say that having a busy weekend last weekend where I had to think about what I would eat when at restaurants was actually a little easier…just made it go by faster.  I’ve got busy weekends from now through September, so I’m going to be challenged, but am glad to see them speed by!

Two weeks down, 10 to go!

Spicy Garlic and Lime Shrimp for dinner… I’ve gotten back into having half of my Lean and Green for lunch and half for supper and I finally got on the routine of cooking a dish for supper and then taking half for lunch the next day.  Makes the days better (hunger-wise) and that way I don’t have a HUGE supper, that I take forever to eat because it’s so much food (see Day: 10…the Tofu nightmare…)!!

Sorry if my pics aren’t always the best…  A new phone with a nice camera built in is my reward for reaching my first goal, which I *might* be able to get to at next week’s weigh in, BUT that would mean a 4.5 pound loss, so we’ll see.  I amped up my workouts and am eating on plan to see if I can make it happen!


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