Day Ten : Tofu Nightmare!!

I’m a fan of tofu, I really am.  When I’ve had it, it has always been as a portion of my meal, not like to replace the meat or anything.  Well, I decided to be brave and try something different. Marinated Veggies with Tofu was in the Lean and Green cookbook and I convinced my hubby to give it a try with me.  He feels about the same way I do about tofu…

It tasted good.  But my gosh, there was just so much of it!  We were watching a movie while eating and I swear I had that plate in front of me for over an hour.  I had to keep stopping to take a break and then forced more down.  It was also one of those days when I had gotten a late start on my eating since it was Saturday and I’d slept in, so not only did I have to eat that mountain of tofu, but I still had another Medifast meal to go afterward!!  I survived, but will never again try to eat that much tofu in one sitting.  I made the picture so small because I took it in such bad lighting that it looks really gross, but I had to document the meal, so there you go!  You can always click on the image to get a bigger picture of it…if you really want to!


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