Day Six : Weigh In!

So, you know it’s been a tumultuous week.  Up and down and up and down again.  I’m such a perfectionist that when I don’t get it all 100% right, I feel like I haven’t 100% succeeded.  I’m learning to not be so hard on myself, for Pete’s sake!!

Anyway, my first weigh in today at the Medifast Center…  Drum roll, please… I am down 6.5 pounds!!  I could hardly believe my eyes!  So all those concerns about “Will I see results?” have been answered with a resounding, “Yes!”  I’ll be back later with pictures of the delicious dinner I make tonight…  Until then – smile with me!

I’m back…  This was my first day to do all 5 Medifast meals before my Lean and Green (last week I was able to cook for lunch and then half at lunch and half for supper, but today, I was at work all do, so I couldn’t cook until after work, obviously).  Anyway, it worked out well!  Delicious dinner – my hubby even liked it…a lot!!  My picture isn’t as good today – I was in a hurry to eat!!


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