Day Four

Picked up my love from the airport today.  I’ve been in such a cocoon the last few days – just worrying about myself and making sure I get my meals in at the right times and not having to be concerned with what someone else around me is eating (I did do this yesterday, of course, but I’m talking about at home).  He is very supportive and would never try to tempt me away from my plan, but I so enjoy eating out with him, so it this will be a challenge.

I mentioned yesterday that I’ve not told anyone what I’m doing.  Here’s a few of the reasons why:

1.  I have wonderful friends and family, but they worry about me.  I’m concerned that if I tell them I’m on a diet, they’ll start questioning me about it and then pass judgment about whether they consider it healthy.

2.  This diet feels extreme to me at this stage and I don’t feel like defending it at the moment because I’m not sure it’s defense-worthy.

3.  I hate it when you tell people you are on a diet and they look depressed and say, “Yeah, I could stand to lose a few, myself.”  I’m not doing this to make anyone else feel bad or say they should do the same. I’m tired of being a statistic of an “overweight American.”

4.  I’d rather see results and have people ask me if I’m losing weight than to tell them that I’m trying to.

So there you go, my little soapbox…

And so another challenge I’m facing:  my father-in-law called today and wants to have supper with us.  Surprise!  Another restaurant outing I wasn’t planning for.  I looked up Salt Grass online and there are quite a few delicious-sounding options for me.  I’ll try to post again this evening with my results.


Did great at the restaurant!  Salmon with dinner salad and seasonal veggies – very tasty!  I did have one bite of chocolate cake, but it was an ever-so-tiny bite and I wasn’t even tempted for more!  Feeling proud…

I’m finishing off my last meal of the day and it’s kinda late.  I need to work on spacing of meals in the morning…something to work on tomorrow!


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