Day Two

So far, so good! I’m feeling a lot better today… Let me also just say that on top of starting this new program yesterday, I also had gotten up at 4:30 am to take my husband to the airport and he’s gone until Friday.  That put my first meal at 6 am, which really leaves a lot of day to be hungry. Then I picked up my kitty from the vet after her “big girl” surgery and was traumatized by how she was not acting right and limping around. Then I had a knock on the door from my monthly visitor, which is normally when I have a voracious appetite and give myself permission to eat everything in sight.  And I suddenly understood while all the emotional turmoil I had been experiencing seemed so amplified.

I’ve decided that if I can make it through these first few days with all of this drama, nothing will stop me!!

Today has been much better.  I let myself sleep in until about 8 or so and then took a nice, relaxing shower.  Kitty ate a big breakfast and seemed more like her sweet self.  And my first meal at 9 am means I’ve been able to space food out better today.  And it’s the second day.  I understand the first is always the worst.

Anyway, another delicious lunch that I was able to split in half to save for supper tonight.  This one is called Northern Italian Shrimp and Broccoli.  It was absolutely delicious…and yes, that is Parmesan cheese on top – totally legal and part of the recipe!


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