Day One

I knew it was going to be tough…and it has.  I’ve managed to stick to the plan, but have felt crappy, headachy and emotional most of the day.  Not to mention hungry…  The book talks about how eating 5-6 times a day means you won’t be hungry.  They clearly didn’t mean the first day.  They briefly warn that it will be tough in the first days (the first 72 hours!), but don’ t talk a lot about it so as to not scare folks off, I guess.  But it is tough.  No doubt about it.

Doing a little better now, but mid-afternoon wasn’t pretty.

What was pretty was my lunch / dinner.  (It was a huge amount of food, so I saved about half and had it for dinner tonight – and I’m really glad I did!)  Take a look at my Teriyaki Cod Fish!  Broiled cod fish with Teriyaki sauce and cayenne pepper over sauteed cabbage and zucchini


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