chat with God

I have a lot going on in the course of a day.  Some things are boiling over and others are simmering on the back burner of my mind.  A lot of times, those simmering things are all but forgotten.  Although they may be subconsciously on my mind, they are not the focus at every moment.

I have found that most days, God is one of my simmering pots.  He’s there.  He’s important.  But He is not my focus.  The difficulty with this for me is that as a disciple of Christ, I think God should be in the forefront of my mind at all times.  He should be the focus of my thoughts.  We should have an ongoing dialogue throughout the day as I turn to Him for help, or advice, or just to say that I love Him.

But most days, this is just not the case.

Most days, sadly, I am hurriedly moving from one thing to the next with barely enough time to remember to go to the bathroom!  Lately, I’ve been trying to change that.  I’ve been trying to be more present in my life and not just zoom from one thing to the next.  And because God is so important to me, I hate that there are many times I zoom right past Him.

I work with my husband.  He sits in an office five paces from mine.  If we both lean forward in our chairs, we can see each other.  But there are times I am not thinking about him.  We’re both busy with the day’s work and are not really thinking about each other – simmering pots.  However, pretty much as soon as my computer is on for the day, I have Google Talk up and a dialogue box open with my hubby.  We chat back and forth all day.  Sometimes it’s about what we want for dinner that night.  Sometimes it’s about work stuff.  Sometimes it’s just a quick note to say, “I love you.”  Regardless, it’s always there – just in case we need to say something to one another that no one else in the office particularly needs to hear.

I decided to apply this idea to God.  Since He doesn’t appear to have a Gmail account, I couldn’t add Him to my Google Talk list of friends…  Instead, I opened the Notepad application on my computer and saved a file called “chat with God.”  You guessed it, this is where I chat with God throughout the day.  Sometimes it is meaningful.  Sometimes it’s a request for myself of others.  Sometimes it’s just to praise Him for a rainy day.  Sometimes I’ll just open it up and simply type, “I love you.”

I have to say, for me, it’s brilliant.  It helps me focus on the One who is most important to me.  It reminds me that He is always there.  I feel closer to Him when I remember to invite Him into my day, even when I’m going through the mundane motions of an ordinary day.

Wanna see what I’m talking about?  Click on the image below and you’ll get a bigger version of a screen shot of my computer at this very moment!!  (With everything minimized except my chat with God box…)

How are you mindful of the Lord throughout your day?


2 thoughts on “chat with God

  1. Hey – I really enjoyed what you wrote! There is a little short booklet that is very-very old that you might like to read. It’s called “The Practice Of The Presence Of God” by Brother Lawrence. The below is the link—and best of all, its short and free! I read this booklet years ago and was encouraged. I read it again just recently and was encouraged twice. Give it a try, its right in line with what you’re writing about.


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