weekly zen 1

so i had an idea.  well, truth be told, a friend had the idea and passed it on to me and i thought it was a good idea and really liked it and wished it had been my idea. alas. i can’t have all the good ideas in the world, i suppose.

i have a mini zen garden on my desk. i love to play in it and i love it when other people play in it.  my co-workers rake and sweep when they are talking to me.  customers rearrange the rocks when they are waiting on me to do something for them.  i enjoy it when i’m waiting on my beloved at the end of the day because i can shut down my computer and be ready to go in 5 seconds flat and it takes him a smidge longer…  so, this friend suggested that i take a picture of my zen garden (he said daily, i’m shooting for weekly) and post it on facebook.  i’m going to post it here instead.

right now, the pictures will be taken with my camera on my phone since i don’t have a camera – as i have already complained about…  some day they will be taken with a nice camera and you will all be impressed.  for now, you can feel sorry for me or buy me a camera.

without further ado…this week’s zen garden:


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