i need a camera.

i decided that i need a camera.  all self-respecting bloggers have one.  i steal a lot of pictures off the internet – there are so many! but i need to make my own. to capture the moments of my life to share with you. i don’t need a fancy-schmancy one. i just need one. the last camera i had required film. i’m not even kidding. that means i haven’t had a camera since what, the 20th century?!  my husband has a super-duper, fancy-schmancy, souped-up, makes-you-breakfast-on-the-weekends camera. ever since he got it, i decided he takes enough pictures for the both of us…only trouble is, he misses stuff.  stuff i’d like to take pictures of, but whenever i try to pick up and use his camera it’s usually busy making breakfast and i don’t know how to get it to do what i want it to do. also, i have no patience for learning how to use it.

so, i need a camera. anyone want to buy me one? i’m very good at receiving gifts!  you will be amazed at the photography that gets put on this here blog once someone buys me a camera.  it will blow you away…or at least not make you think, “geez, this girl uses a lot of stock images from the web…doesn’t she have her own camera like any self-respecting blogger does?”


One thought on “i need a camera.

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