i was inspired to blog today.  i’ve been reading with regularity some other blogs and today was inspired to do a post of my own.  i had to ignore the fact that some of the pictures on my old posts are screwed up (it is in my nature to put off posting in order to fix the mess-ups…and in reality, never get down to posting!).

what do i have to say today?  not a whole lot.  just wanted to share my new morning routine.  well, it’s technically not new, as i’ve been doing it over a month.  it’s kind of a long story…  i attended a free seminar at the Wizard Academy (an outside-the-box business school here in austin – fabulous).  the wizard of ads, roy williams, spoke for part of the day and shared with us how he goes to bed between 7 and 8 p and gets up between 3 and 4 a.  he said he gets more done in the hours before sunrise than he does the whole rest of the day. i was intrigued.  for a long time i had been trying to figure out how to get more done. after work, i’m exhausted. i plop down in front of the tv with my hubby with little strength to do much else. we typically watched tv or played on our computers until bedtime (10 or 11 p) and then struggle to get up by 8 a. and the day was the same as the one before. this new idea sounded interesting. by getting up ridiculously early, i would be forced to go to bed ridiculously early, which meant less time in front of the tv…another habit i was trying to break.

so, i pondered it for a couple of weeks. i thought about it and how i would do it. i thought about the consequences. i thought about what i would do at such an early hour. finally, one sunday evening i had committed to it. i took a long bath to relax (a favorite sunday nite activity) and was in bed at 8 p. i set my alarm for 3:30 a. i lay in bed and visualized what i would do when that alarm went off (a practice i find quite helpful when needing to do something i don’t particularly want to do or something that is new to me). at 3:30 a, the alarm went off and wonder of wonders, i got up!! now, that was a little too early, so since then, my goal is an 8:30 p bedtime and up at 4:30 a.  and what do i do?  i’m so glad you asked!!

first, i make tea (my current favorite combo is Yogi Green Tea Kombucha + Guayaki Yerba Mate’ loose leaf tea). i don’t guzzle it down for the caffeine kick, rather the ritual of making it actually wakes me up quite nicely. besides, i don’t like super-hot tea, so i let it sit while i do morning pages. this is a practice i learned from “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. It is 30 minutes of stream-of-consciousness writing about anything and everything my little brain thinks of. some days are profound. other days are petty – doesn’t matter. it’s about the process rather than what gets written. in fact, it is very rare that i ever go back and read the morning pages once i’ve written them. they are a brain dump so there is room up there for the thoughts of the day. next is usually a few minutes (10 to be exact) of yoga. i found a delightful girl on exercise tv (on named Meaghan Townsend. she is adorable. she does a quick 10 minute routine that gets me going and really wakes me up and makes me feel great! next is devotional time. i have a contemplative prayer i pray called the welcoming prayer – it does a great job of focusing me on Jesus’ healing for me. then i pray using a book called “Praying the Attributes of God” by Rosemary Jesnsen. next is reading the devotional of the day along with the accompanying scriptures from “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young.

side note: i’m not always one to let someone else do the Bible studying for me and then me just read what they gleaned…  however, in this season, i have found this to be very profitable for me. during the school semester, i’m in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), so it is nice during the break to let my brain soak in what i learned from BSF and also to take a less heady approach.

anyway, then it is on to what i call creativity time! this is less structured and more about what i feel like doing that particular day. i usually spend a little time reading and doing tasks from a couple of the wonderful books on creativity i’ve found: “Walking in the World” (or Artist’s Way, part 2) by Julia Cameron, “Make Your Creative Dreams Real” and “Eat Mangoes Naked” by SARK. again, what i do depends on the particular day. next comes work on my book. i am writing a timely book about the dangers of having relationships that hinge entirely upon electronic communication. it is based on a true story and it is so much fun, but also takes a lot out of me. then, if it is monday, wednesday, or friday, it is time for a walk – by now it is 6:30ish and light outside and not blisteringly hot yet. i walk and or walk / run for 30 minutes or so. if it is tuesday or thursday, i jump straight into puttering around the house, straightening and such. i also have projects i work on – again, depending on what i feel like working on.  i’m a little ADD, so i keep my options open…

somewhere in there i get dressed and eat breakfast and go to work with my wonderful and handsome husband. so by 10 a, i’ve worked on the creative dreams i have for my life. if i don’t get this time in the mornings, i am almost worthless that day, certainly crabby, and definitely resentful of whatever prevented me from having my daily focus time…you’ve been warned.

ok, so thanks for welcoming me back, journey blog. i’m not sure i’m brave enough to tell the world you exist…maybe next week. i’ll talk to myself about it in my morning pages and let you know…


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