Riverwalk Vista

On September 28th, I will have been married to the man of my dreams for six years.  I say man of my dreams, but the reality is, he is much more than I could ever have asked for or imagined.  All the things I ever wanted in a husband – spoken and unspoken, consciously and subconsciously – are present in this man.  It is amazing and I am ashamed that I do not spend more of everyday thanking God for creating this wonderful husband of mine.

Anyway, for our anniversary, we went to the Riverwalk Vista in San Antonio, TX.  It does not actually overlook the Riverwalk (which is good), but is a few steps from a set of stairs that takes you down to river level and all the shops and restaurants that are there.  It was a lovely little 17-room inn with special touches (like a live beta fish in every room!) that made us feel so pampered.  If you ever get the chance and inclination, I highly recommend it.  We stayed in the Hemisfair Room, which looks out onto the Hemisfair Tower and an old Dillard’s department store.  The Dillard’s store is now vacant, but it is four stories tall and takes up the entire block and is just lovely.

We drove down on Friday and spent the afternoon at the Witte Museum.  It was the final weekend of their Leonardo da Vinci exhibit and since Cosmo has a little da Vinci in him, we decided to go.  It was great fun to read about and even play with some of his inventions.  We also explored the rest of the museum and caught a few pictures on my phone and Cosmo’s camera.

We arrived at the inn around 5:30 and were checked in to our lovely little room.  We took a few minutes to get settled and eat our homemade Snickerdoodle cookies (compliments of the inn’s fresh-baked afternoon cookies) and I sipped a little red wine (compliments of the inn’s “Complimentary Wine” in the evening).  Then it was time to find a place to eat…

I had noticed the Rainforest Cafe on the Riverwalk as we came in and had always wanted to go there, so we did!  It is really beyond description with its plant-covered walls and jungle animals that come to “life” every so often.  We had a simple meal – chili con queso and pepperoni pizza, but it’s what we were hungry for, so that’s what we got!  We then wandered on the Riverwalk for a bit and ended up at an ice cream shop for dessert.  Then back to the inn for a relaxing evening.

We got up Saturday and enjoyed the delightful breakfast (yes, it was complimentary, too) and then walked over to the Alamo.  Neither of us had been in a long time, so we enjoyed remembering the Alamo.  Then it was lunch at Pat O’Brien’s for some excellent Crawfish Etouffee and Cancun (coconut) Shrimp.

We then made our way to Fredericksburg to see my parents after a stop in Hondo to visit a dear friend.  All in all, it was a lovely weekend.  A future blog will detail what I learned from Artist’s Way at around 2 am Friday night / Saturday morning…


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