at last

I am finally back from my accidental sabbatical from this blog…  I took the time to move all my old posts over to this new Typepad account because that is where all my other blogs are and I like it better.  🙂

Many moons ago, I did the 12-week Artist’s Way creativity workbook.  I have a few posts about it from a couple of years ago (click Artist’s Way in the category cloud).  Anyway, I loved it when I did it the first time and always told myself I would do it again someday to do the tasks I didn’t do the first time around and just to remind myself of all the great stuff I learned.  Now is the time.

I feel like the previous job I had was so draining for me in every way that creativity waned and desire to write escaped me.  Now, one of my primary functions is writing!  Press releases and formal stuff, yes, but also blogs written by imaginary people and letters of appreciation to real customers…and beyond that to personal writing of the books inside me striving to be birthed.  I feel like my desire and passion are returning.  It’s like breathing in the fresh air while standing on a pristine Kauaian beach…

The idea is to truly relish in journey of Artist’s Way, not to hurry through and make sure I can check off all the tasks I need to.  I want to soak in the process and linger in the places (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) that I find myself.  I want to be present and abide in the swirling reality of life in the journey.


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