Exodus 10:26

There is a sentence in the second part of Exodus 10:26 that says, “…until we get there we will not know what we are to use to worship the Lord.” I love this verse because to me it is saying that we have many “things” in our lives, many potentials – irons in the fire, so to speak. But until we arrive at God’s chosen destination for us, we won’t know which one to use – which one is going to be the one that brings God the most glory and the most honor. The one that is actually what He has for us. What I have seen God do in my life is stir a passion (or sometimes a discontentment) in me that He allows to linger, bubbling, growing and finally aching while I wait for His timing to be complete. I’m at an aching point right now. He’s given me a discontentment that is preparing me for change. But He’s being so God about it all! Making me wait in trusting faith until He reveals His perfection. He’s been reminding me a lot lately of how perfect His perfection is. How when I look back at all of the things that could have been used to glorify Him, it becomes clear why the one that He has left in my outstretched hand is the one.

This picture is from our trip to Kauai over the Christmas break. I love it. The simultaneous motion and stillness of it reminds me of the Lord – ever moving, but perfectly at peace. Click on it so you can see a bigger version and get the real feel of it. 🙂


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