I am sorry to say that this, my first blog after a long absence is not a deep, profound, meaningful one. Rather, it is a simple object lesson. I finally went to the new Ikea in Round Rock. It is huge. It is almost painfully huge. You walk in the entrance and then have to walk through the entire store, which can take a couple of hours. The bad news is, whatever other customers you walk into the store at the same time as will be with you all the way through the entire store, so if they annoy you at the entrance, you’re better off waiting about 10 minutes or until someone less annoying comes in. The good news is there is a restaurant in the middle of the store. I highly recommend that you stop and eat at it when you get there. Not because it’s great (although I hear it is), but because you are only half way through when you get there and are likely pretty hungry. I have not eaten there yet and have left rather famished both times I went and wished I had.

Forgive me if this sounds like I’m complaining. I am not. I have made several purchases from the Ikea and rather enjoyed my time there. But it just is what it is. Huge. Tiring. Full.

Ok, so here is my object lesson. Last time I was there I bought 9 Malma mirrors. There’s a picture at the bottom. They are about 1 foot square and oh so cute when hung in a 3×3 arrangement in my office.

So as I sit here watching The Simpsons, I decided to write about it and also educate all my faithful readers on what malma means. “A spotted trout (Salvelinus malma), inhabiting Northern America, west of the Rocky Mountains; – called also Dolly Varden trout, bull trout, red-spotted trout, and golet.” I’m sure it means something else entirely in Swedish – I can’t seem to find it on the internet just now. It is also a type of pasta. So there you go.


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