What a joy to get away! What renewal and refreshment come from being among God’s creation and enjoying the fellowship of dear friends. We went to Seattle, WA mid-August. For some reason, this is my first entry since our return and I did not write any while we were there. It seems inspiration did not strike me for a time. But then again, sometimes you must provoke inspiration to strike just by setting out to do the thing.

Cosmo took the above picture and I find that it captures my heart today. Walking along the path before me, I am careful to keep my eyes focused so I do not stumble. And yet, looming before me is this masterpiece. If only I would look up, what would my eyes see? What would my heart perceive? What revelation would I embrace? When you look up, you cannot help but to also look around and see the beauty that surrounds each difficult step. The journey that makes the destination all the more meaningful because you are aware of where it is you came from. As we trekked up this trail, I found myself stopping and thinking of the joy in this journey. Feeling the cool breeze; gazing at the life all around; knowing that the destination was ahead, but not the most important part of this journey. Today I am in a similar place. The path seems clear, but there are many experiences to be had along the way. Details seem up in the air and yet there is a groundedness in my mind and heart that helps me see the big picture – the mountain in her majesty – that I did not see before.


One thought on “vacation

  1. Your visit sounds wonderful and beautiful. I missed you. Next time, I would like a post card or something. Did you do anything terribly interesting while you were away?

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