peace and quiet

It has been a quiet evening. My husband is gone helping a friend pack for a move. I’ve been home alone since about 5 pm. It’s actually been quite nice (no offense, honey). Just to sit and be alone with my thoughts.

It has been a rough week and I know a lot of my stress came out on my husband. I can express my feelings and know he’ll still love me, which is wonderful and yet makes me all the more aware of my sometimes shameful behavior. He is kind and loving, understanding my stress and not taking my short temper personally, full of grace and love for me – I do not deserve him.

But it was nice tonight to just be thoughtful of the week’s events, read a little, surf the web a little, write a little…mostly just sit quietly. I would’ve watched the Simpsons at 10, but some silly football game was on…oh well.

A boring entry to some, I’m sure. But don’t forget that I’m not doing this for you, I’m doing it for me…at least I was kind enough to find a lovely picture that conveyed how I was feeling. 😉

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