balcony labyrinth

My balcony is ten of my feet across and six of my feet wide. It is very small. I have always tried to grow plants out there and the blistering sun and gale-force winds just devastate almost any plant I try. That combined with the fact that I do best with plants that wilt slightly when they need water has made my balcony look like a graveyard of brown foliage. So, I made a decision to get rid of all of my struggling plants (there is an undeveloped piece of land right next to us, so we dumped the plants there – I’m thinking they’ll actually keep growing there and be much happier than here on the sun). I have a cactus that loves it out there, but its pot was knocked off the plant stand during a wind storm and the cactus broke into pieces. I stuck them all back in the dirt and they are growing, but it looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. I got rid of the tilting plant stand I had. I swept the whole thing off and am embarking on a new idea.

I think labyrinths are beautiful and useful. Many use them to pray and meditate as they walk along the path, focusing on the various stations that are set up. My balcony is so small, but I think I can create a labyrinth on it. I plan to have glass colored stones lining the path and unique-looking cactus type plants in various spots. And probably even a little sand box to rake and arrange (like a zen garden). I worked on it on paper last night, but could get a clear picture of what I wanted, so I’m thinking through it still. I need to just go sit out there on it and get a feel for what it should be…

Anyone out there have any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “balcony labyrinth

  1. How about a skinny sand box the length of your balcony, 2 waterproof floor pillows, and a box full of sharpened artists pencils and 2 pads of paper (to write or draw). Maybe also add a small water feature that you build yourself. Let the labrynth be daily made in your creative imagination.

  2. great ideas! I especially love the idea of sharpened pencils – artist or otherwise. Nothing beats a box of sharpened pencils.

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