for this moment

Do you ever think that sometimes you are on the verge of experiencing the very moment God has been preparing you for? Perhaps He has been teaching you and growing in you a skill or personality trait and you thought it was just another tool for your tool belt. Perhaps you have used it in various situations or failed to recognize that it was useful in that situation – that’s part of the learning process, too. Perhaps you’ve decided it is terribly useful in your job, marriage, friendships, but never really thought of applying it to every area of your life, or never saw the need to do so. Perhaps God is bringing you to a pivot point. Perhaps He’s been doing it for days, weeks, years, or a lifetime. But then, all of a sudden, you feel yourself on the edge of it – poised to use all that preparation for just this moment.

I feel that way today.

No fear. No anxiety. Just poised to see what will be asked of me next. Rushing wind in my face. Nothing but sky in front of me and only the old way behind me. Unsure of what will happen. Ignorant of what the outcome will be – or even what will be the next step of this journey. Can I refuse? Turn around? Back up from the edge? Sure. But that would be pointless – all that work for nothing.

I stood on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Grand Canyon once. It was winter and had been snowing all day. There was a break in clouds long enough for us to take a few pictures, so we did. Then, without warning, another snow storm kicked up. It was like what I would imagine a blizzard to be, but I’m from Texas, so I’m given to exaggeration and unfamiliarity with blizzards. Nevertheless, I gripped the handrails for one last look over the edge as that biting wind whipped around me. I’ll never forget the feeling, but all too quickly, it was over and we were rushing back to our car.

This time, I plan to let go and see where the Wind takes me.


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