ancient of days

Almighty and Most High God. Maker of the universe, Who chooses to concern Himself with the affairs of Man. Creator God. Master and Lord of our creativity.

I’m doing a book study called Artist’s Way. It is a journey of rediscovering and recovering the creativity within. It is moving me. I am having clarity and focus like I have not had in a long time. The baby step of the book is to do Morning Pages – write stream-of-consciousness style for three pages. That’s it. Just do it every day when you first get out of bed. You are not allowed to re-read or let your inner critic get a hold of these pages. You can read them after about eight weeks time, but for now, they are on paper and “safe” there for your mind to not have to think about them or be cluttered with them.

What I have found since I started Morning Pages Wednesday of this past week:
1. I was able to pray with more focus and passion for specific people on Friday.
2. I was able to worship God at church this morning without distracted thoughts.
3. I feel closer to the Lord and that I am finally doing some of what He has called me to – that is, write.
4. I have hope and courage about writing.
5. My husband and I have had more time together this weekend and spent much of it discussing important matters, not just talking…

This is just the beginning and I am so encouraged by this phase of my journey.

Creator of all,
Stoops to tend to the little flock –
Afraid, uncertain, confused.
He does not chastise
Or shake His head in disapproval.
He merely stoops.
Offering a spark of Creativity,
A flicker of Hope,
A bolt of Himself
To move us along our journey.

One thought on “ancient of days

  1. Suzi ~ I am so excited that you are writing! I enjoyed that book. It revived my desire to paint. I pray you many more sparks of God ordered creativity! I love it. You are becoming terribly interesting.

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