terribly interesting…

I went to see my friend, Stephanie, a couple of weeks ago. (In case you are interested, her blog is linked to the left.) She kept using a phrase that has stuck with me since we talked: terribly interesting. She is embarking upon a journey to become terribly interesting and is seeking out others who are the same (read her much more eloquent description in her blog). I think the idea is excellent, so I, too, am thinking about things I can do to be terribly interesting…

Both of my grandfathers played the harmonica. They both lived in the same small Texas town and playing the harmonica is not out of the ordinary for folks there, especially of their generation. Before I started kindergarten, I stayed with my Mimi and Papa during the day and would play on Papa’s harmonica on occasion – always just fooling around, not really anything that sounded like an actual song. Then about a month ago, my friend, Mary, told me she was learning to play the harmonica; I thought that was terribly interesting and I thought about taking it up myself. Then, this past Monday night I was watching a movie and one of the characters played the harmonica. Now, he was not terribly interesting to me, but the harmonica was lovely.

So, I know my husband has one somewhere at his mom’s house and I just called him to see if he could find it and bring it home. He said he’d look and that I was becoming terribly interesting…see, it’s working already. If he can’t find it, there is a store called Zinger’s in Austin and I know that they have harmonicas, so I will go there and get one.

There you have it. Before long, I’ll be the most terribly interesting person on the internet.


One thought on “terribly interesting…

  1. You will be tied with me.

    I have a friend who learned to play the harmonica during his commute. That’s terribly interesting.

    I wholeheartedly support your endeavor. Blessings!

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